5 Ways to do Foot Spa at Home and its Benefits: Taking Care of your Feet!

A simple foot spa at home or a visit to a foot spa or saloon can do the job. In this current article, we will talk about the basic procedure of foot spa, know about the essential tools and equipments used in foot spa and also talk about how to make foot spa at home along with the wonderful benefits of foot spa.

What is Foot Spa: An Overview!

Foot spa is a relaxing and effective technique that caters with all the demands of the feet. Primarily the technique involve soaking of the feet in a foot bath with warm water and added salt and essential oils, scrubbing, massaging and detoxifying, cleaning and applying foot lotion and finally applying nail paint to the toe nails. There are foot spa detox machines which are used in the foot spas or the saloons for detoxifying the body toxins and increasing energy, stamina and providing relaxation.

Foot spa can be easily made at home that can be done at least once in two days for the best appearance and health of your feet and body.


Benefits of Foot Spa:

Now, coming to the various benefits of foot spa; here we are with the following list.

  • Foot Spa is beneficial in proper blood circulation:Blood circulation is improved by a foot spa. It is also known that by taking a foot spa, you can re-energize self, keep self relaxed and full of life.
  • Foot Spa helps in relieving stress:It is known that a foot spa can help you relieve the stress and tensions of the entire day and make you relax.
  • Beneficial in relieving arthritic pain:It is known that foot spa can help you get rid of the tensions in muscles and joints. So, people suffering from arthritis can be benefited greatly by foot spa when done in the morning and evening. The foot spa used to treat patients with arthritis uses seaweeds which are known to reduce pain and help arthritic patients.
  • Foot Spa helps in reducing headaches:As the nerve points are found in the feet; a light massage during the foot spa procedure stimulates them and helps in treating symptoms like headache, migraine
  • Foot spa is beneficial in treating acidity and indigestion:Acidity and indigestion can also be treated by foot spa.
  • Beneficial in treating insomnia:Foot spa is known to help in getting proper sleep and reducing the symptoms of
  • Foot Spa Helps in detoxification:The foot detoxification in foot spa aids the body from getting rid of toxins. The foot detoxification helps in detoxifying the liver and kidney, helps in maintaining pH balance in the body, aids in clearing acne and wrinkles, strengthening the immune system etc.

Tools and Equipment’s used in Foot Spa:

In this section of our article we will talk about the basic tools and equipment’s required for foot spa.

Here below we have explained the foot spa procedure in a brief manner.

Step 1: Prepare the essential things for foot spa: Get all the essential things like foot bath, foot lotion, foot scrub, foot file, buffer or pumice stone, foot brush, hand towel, and most of all this

Multifunction Foot Bath Massager


Step 2: Begin the process by washing your feet thoroughly.

Step 3: Switch on the spa machine and soak your feet in the machine with water solution and allow the feet to soak for about 15 minutes before switching off the machine. One can also make use of the foot bath at home which can be done by using a medium size bath tub with warm water solution

Step 4: File the feet, using buffer or stone buff the feet and then brush.

Step 5: Wash feet twice until water is clear.

Step 6: Wipe the feet with towel and then apply foot or body lotion and massage.

Ways to do Foot Spa at Home

“Your feet are precious because they carry you miles in the journey of your life.” You would surely wish to take their very best care on your own. So, do you want to make foot spa at home? Well! Then here is how you can try out the foot spa at home in the most simple manner.

Before we talk about the procedure we must let you know that the most essential part of the foot spa is the essential oil which has anti-inflammatory properties and actually revitalizes and enhances the circulation of blood in the feet. You can make use of any essential oil including the jasmine oil, lavender oil, lemon or peppermint oil. One can also use the sea salt or the Epsom salt in case essential oils are not available at home. Adding 2-3 tbsp of milk powder and almond oil will be an added benefit.

So, listing down the ingredients required for the foot spa at home;

  • Lukewarm water
  • Essential oil/Epsom salt
  • Foot wash
  • Almond oil
  • Nail filer, cutter, nail polish remover, nail polish
  • Cuticle cream
  • Foot scrub or pumice stone
  • Foot cream or lotion.

Now, let us come to the steps for making the foot spa at home.

  1. Trimming: Trimming is done by the following steps.
    • Remove the nail polish(if any) from your toe nails by using a nail polish remover
    • Cut your nails in the required nails
    • In order to soften your cuticles, apply a cuticle cream.
    • Then, file your nails so as to get the shape you desire for.
  2. Foot Soak: Then begins the soaking of your foot. So this goes as below.
    • In a medium size bath tub, put lukewarm water and add your essential oils to it or 1/2 tbsp of Epsom salt and 3 tbsp of almond oil to it.
    • Next, add the foot washes to it. In case you do not have a foot wash, you can add shampoo to it. Stir it all well.
    • Soak you feet in the tub or the foot bath and relax them for 10 minutes. You can have reduced pain and inflammation. The water solution also helps in removing the dirt and exfoliating the dead skin cells from the feet.
    • Now, remove your feet from the water and dry it properly.
  3. Exfoliation: Exfoliation is required in a foot spa which cleans the dead cells from the skin on the feet. Follow the steps explained below.
    • Using a pumice stone or nail file, exfoliate your heels, ankles, and side of the heel gently.
    • Again dip your other foot in to the warm water in the foot bath or the tub and repeat the same with it
    • Now, using a foot scrub massage gently for 5-8 minutes over the heels, ankles, soles etc. You can also use a facial or body scrub in case foot scrub is not available with you.
    • Make sure you are gently scrubbing using circular motion over the feet.
  4. Moisturization and massaging: Moisturizing the foot is essential once exfoliation is completed. So, remove the feet from the tub or the foot bath and properly wipe them off with a towel.
    • Using a foot moisturizing cream, massage the feet gently for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Application of Nail polish: Finally, apply the nail polish on your feet toenails and allow it to dry.
    • You need to wear socks for protecting the feet from dirt and germs after the foot spa is done.


Special Precautions While Doing Foot Spa at Home:

  • Make sure you check the hotness of the water in your tub before soaking your foot in it. It may hurt your skin if the water is extremely hot. The foot soak must be done in lukewarm water.
  • There are chances some lotion may irritate your skin. So have a check on the foot lotion before using it.


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