Hot Huez Washable Temporary Hair Chalk Color

Features :

Temporary hair color
Size : 42 x 37.5 x 66mm
Comes in 4 different colors
Works on all hair types, lengths, and colors

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Hot Huez Washable Temporary Hair Chalk (Set of 4 Multi color)
Hot Huez Hair Chalk is the hot new hair craze that allows you to quickly and easily change your look. In just three steps, you’ll get vibrant color with high impact style. No need for harmful sprays and permanent dyes. It’s instant, glamorous fun for you and your friends.


3 Easy Steps:
1. Select the Hot Huez Hair Chalk compact that you want to use and press it close on a strad of hair, with the chalk-side on top and the sponge side at the bottom.
2. Then, slide the hair chalk compact down your locks
3. Release the compact and you’ll get a burst of color on your hair.




Change up your Style
Feeling blue today? The Hot Huez Hair Chalk comes with an electric blue compact. If you change your mind, you can also color your hair neon green, fiery fuchsia purple, orhot pink.You can even use all four colors at the same time. The Hot Huez Hair Chalk works on all hair colors, lengths, and textures. It also washes out when you shampoo, so you can play with your look as many times as you want. And, thanks to the compact applicators, you won’t make a mess while you turn you create a rocking new style.











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