JK-8 1000W Power Vacuum Cleaner (Gray)

  • Perfect for your furniture, upholstery, frames, curtains, shelves, computers, cars and many more!
  • With Bionic Cartoon design
  • Easy to clean vacuum filter
  • Lightweight, compact size, and very easy to use
  • Includes flexible vacuum snout with crevice nozzle, small and large brush, and shoulder straps
  • Power supply: 220V 50Hz 1000W

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  • A strong suction, and even small stones respirable ground.
  • Machine has thermal overload protection, extend product life. Plastic shell and electrostatic spray coating, special metallic sheen lacquer. Multi-section socket suction head casing, installation and removal easy. Tip diverse, optional dedicated floor with a large tip and small multi-family with a small tip, from the ground to the corner of the article can be freely subtle crack net absorption.
  • 2, bionic, streamline design, elegant appearance.
  • 3, multiple filters, to prevent secondary pollution, the use of multiple filters, not only can the total net absorption of dust, but also ensure that the escaping air is clean, new styles especially enhanced sealing to avoid two contamination. This vacuum cleaner is sophisticated and stylish design, compact structure, complete functions, the rate of strong suction, multiple filters, to prevent secondary pollution. Main
  • A variety of configurations, a machine:
  • 1, the use of large suction head on the ground can absorb anything (except water).
  • 2, using the wide head nozzle can suck a gap of items (wide head hairs on head cleaning brush, you can clean the gap in the dust).
  • 3, using the vacuum hose can be back on the body, not only can absorb sofas, curtains, you can also suck ceilings, computer keyboards, bed and various household appliances dust on the surface.
  • 4, the configuration can turn a small square brush can be used for computer keyboard dust, debris clean-up small-scale as well as pet vacuuming, cleaning hidden in every corner of the narrow dirt, improve cleaning performance, easier to use.
  • 5, lightweight flexible, easy to use design to mention, just pick up and hand gently pressed, you can easily vacuuming. Strap design allows you to put it destroyed at the waist.


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